Euro School

Euro School "EU for You"

Implementation term: October - November 2017

Aim: To raise awareness of rural youth of Chernivtsi oblast regarding the EU and European integration of Ukraine.

Target group: Schoolchildren of 10-11 classes of rural schools in Chernivtsi region

The objectives of the project were:

  • to familiarize participants with the idea of ​​united Europe;
  • to form a coherent vision of the history of the European Union in a participants;
    to broaden the participants' perspective on problems and obstacles on the way to European integration processes;
  • to provide participants with the necessary knowledge for a comprehensive understanding and perception of the role and weight of the EU in a modern international system;
  • to encourage the use of opportunities for self-realization and self-development provided by the EU (formal / informal education) of Ukrainian youth
  • to highlight and popularize knowledge about Ukraine's European integration and its relations with the EU;
  • to assimilate the conditions for travel to the EU within the framework of a liberalized visa regime;
  • to raise awareness of participants about European values;
  • to promote the public activity of project participants;
  • to form intellectual, developed and creative personalities;
  • develop critical thinking in order to form conscious  youth;
  • to create a network of young activists to further engage them in socially important processes and projects aimed at the European integration of Ukraine.

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