Completion of the project

Completion of the project "Young Generation of the Community" in Dunaevetsky City Amalgamated Community

During April-May 2017, Charitable Fundation "ProOsvita"  with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian project "Support for Decentralization in Ukraine" DESPRO implemented an educational project about the reform of local self-government and territorial government in Ukraine "Young Generation of the Community". The intensive training was aimed at high school students of the Dunaevetsky City Amalgamated Community, which is in Khmelnytsk region.

The general objective of this training was to raise the level of awareness of 10-11 grade pupils in rural schools of the AC about the decentralization process and its role in community development through a series of interactive workshops.

The following topics were discussed in detail during the project: "What is decentralization? Basic Myths and Facts »,« What is AC? Why is it needed? The main subjects of AC "," Financial aspects of decentralization "," Rights and opportunities of people in the framework of decentralization "," School and decentralization: challenges and opportunities ".

In addition, in the framework of the project, we conducted a student essay competition "The best idea for the development of my community." The prize fund of the contest was 10 thousand UAH. The winner was a student of the 10th grade of the Dunaevetsky Gymnasium Yulia Yaschyshena, whose idea was concerned with the organization of leisure for children, youth and elderly people in the city of Dunayivtsi. The purpose of this contest was to show students that they can and have the opportunity to influence the life of their community, and ultimately of Ukraine. This idea will be implemented in June 2017, which will be discussed later.

We are currently planning to expand our project to other regions. Waiting for news;)

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