School of Social Activity

School of Social Activity "Youth of the Nation "

Implementation term: June 2018

During June 1-3, 2018, our team held an educational project "School of Public Activity" Youth of the Nation "

Department of Youth and Sports of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration in partnership with the Charitable Organization "ProOsvita" were the organizers of this project.

Aim: To raise the level of knowledge of young people in Chernivtsi with hearing and speech impairment regarding their rights and opportunities to engage in the social and political life of Ukraine, as well as to stimulate the social activity of the target group.

Target group: pupils of higher schools of several schools in Chernivtsi, namely: № 2 (special boarding school), №3, №8, №22.

The objectives of the project were:

  • to familiarize participants with the essence of a democratic society; methods of direct and indirect democracy;
  • to explain opportunities and methods of social inclusion and participation of project participants;
  • to talk about the basic rights of a person and a citizen, and methods of their protection;
  • to provide knowledge of participants about tools of influence on power;
  • to describe the forms of self-organization of the population;
  • to teach media literacy and safe use of social networks;
  • increase the level of electoral education;
  • to give the information on resources for self-development;
  • develop participants' critical and creative thinking and analytical skills;
  • influence the formation of tolerance as an important value of a modern citizen;
  • to stimulate participants to active social life;
  • to form a network of active participants for further cooperation with them in the framework of our other projects.

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